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Serious About Taking Control of Your Weight Loss? — Innovative Men’s Health

Men who struggle with their weight knows what an exhausting battle it can really be.  You may spend weeks or months following a diet and exercise routine, filled with the determination to see it through and the confidence that you are going to make it happen this time.

“Even though the results aren’t rolling in as fast as you had planned, you press on..”

All the while there’s a little voice in your head begging you to give into the cravings or to take a day off.  

“Whether it’s a cheat meal that turns into a cheat week, or giving in to the flat out frustration at the lack of progress, it’s easy to find yourself further and further off track..”  

Most men looking to take control of their weight are constantly fighting the mental battle to stay positive and motivated. This emotional rollercoaster is exhausting, and it’s so easy to just give up.

“I feel like I’ve tried it all..”

Low-carb diet, high protein diet, meal plans, gym memberships.. If you have ever been serious about losing weight, odds are you have tried more than one way to shed the pounds only to find out it wasn’t working for you.  

After countless failed attempts it’s easy for your confidence in anything actually working to quickly erode, leaving you defeated and sometimes even depressed.  But if you keep doing what you’ve always done, can you truly expect real change?

“Counting calories doesn’t always mean dropping pounds..”

Drastically reducing calorie intake as is common in most “lose it quick” diets can lead to a slower metabolism, actually making it harder for you to lose weight.  

“Beyond that, extreme diets can negatively impact bone density, as well as contributing to muscle loss and nutrient deficiencies..”  

The wrong diet can also negatively impact cognitive function, affecting your performance at work and at home.  

Not to mention, these diets are completely unsustainable as a lifestyle change, as sticking with a fad diet for any real length of time could have some serious health effects in the long-term.

“The key to any successful weight loss is to find a program, and even more importantly, the right support team to suit your lifestyle, your likes, and your goals..”

Striking this balance means finding ways to lose weight effectively, with an eye towards lifestyle changes that are sustainable over the years to come to effect any real and lasting change.  We all know this is easier said than done.

“You CAN do it..”

If you feel like there is just no way for you to shed the weight and take your life back, don’t lose hope.  Our 3 month medical weight loss plan is here to put you back on track to the results you crave.

Research shows that over 20 percent of overweight men experience long term success.  

“Of those success stories, over 55 percent reported receiving help and support with their weight loss..”

At Innovative Men’s Health we specialize in medically supervised weight loss. Our team of doctors and licensed professionals offer solutions that most other weight loss programs simply cannot.  With over a decade of experience in the industry, Innovative Men’s Health specializes in helping men achieve the body they’ve been searching for.

We pay special attention to devising a plan that takes into account your current vs. optimal activity levels, and the demands on your time.  In fact we are proud to be considered the Pacific Northwest’s premier medical weight loss solution for men.

“If you are tired of fighting the uphill battle alone, then it’s time to talk with Innovative Men’s Health to take the control back today..”  

Medical weight loss is proven to be one of the most reliable methods of weight loss.  Through medically-backed research, specialized equipment, and customized approaches to each individual client, our medical weight loss experts have a proven track record of success.

“Our 1-on-1 care provides a straightforward and step-by-step approach to weight loss, with the the right tools to help you reach weight loss goals systematically..”

A successful weight loss journey starts with you.  Each man has a life, a story, and preferences that make them unique.  At Innovative Men’s we don’t ask you to comply with “our solution”, but instead use our medical background to customize a unique plan that best fits your exact needs.  

With summer fast approaching we are ready to help with a special offer on our medical weight loss program.

“Right now, get our best deal on medical weight loss with our 3 month medical weight loss plan..”

We are so excited to offer this great deal on our 3 month medical weight loss program to our current and prospective clients starting right now.

From start to finish, we will be with you every step of the way.

“Implementing the best in the industry to keep you motivated with the know-how and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals..”

Our program starts with a private weight loss consultation.  During this consultation our doctors will get a feel for your current health and eating patterns, and discuss any behaviors that might be inhibiting your progress, or contributing to the gain/lose rollercoaster experienced by so many men trying to achieve a healthier weight.  

After the consultation we use the latest Inbody technology to define your body’s unique fat and muscle composition, diagnosing any problem areas that you may have.  This helps us gain a better understanding of exactly where you are starting from.

Our InBody composition testing provides a detailed reading of muscle to fat ratios, BMI and body fat percentage. This includes individual readings of the arms, legs and mid-section.  Body composition analysis is essential to those serious about losing or managing their weight.

“Having a real lifeline to support you and keep you on track is a crucial part of any top successful weight loss plan..”  

From there our team of doctors will prescribe individually tailored and physician monitored prescriptions that will best aid you in achieving your personal weight loss goals.  When used in conjunction with diet and exercise, weight-loss prescriptions are proven to help you lose weight while lifestyle changes in diet or exercise come into effect.

After the results begin to take effect we adjust any prescriptions to your needs along the way.

“Take advantage of our aggressively priced offer for a great deal on the new you..”

Our special program is available for a limited time for the staggering deal of $450.  For that price you will receive professional consultations, Inbody testing, and medically tailored weight loss prescriptions, all included for 3 months from initial consultation.  

All with the support and help of our premier team to keep you on the road to your goals every step of the way.  

one-time fee covers covers everything you’ll need for the next 3 months from initial consultation!

“We’ll be here to help you keep going..”

After the 3 month period, clients taking advantage of this offer can choose to stay with the program on a month to month basis for as long as they see fit.  We’re confident that you are going to love your results, and we are ready to prove it.

Men who take advantage of the 3 month offer are also eligible to receive our IDG Myers cocktail at the super discounted rate of $100, as well as Vitamin B12 injections for $20.  This deal is exclusively available to clients who wish to take part in our 3 month medical weight loss program.

“You owe it to yourself to get serious about weight loss..”

Whether you’ve been fighting the uphill battle for years, or just beginning to notice changes in your body that you are ready to take control of, we really are here to help.  

“We are offering our 3 month medical weight loss program at such a deep discount because we want to share our passion for helping men take control of their weight again..”  

Our passion for personalized care results in effective weight loss solutions all the while providing you with the best support in the industry along the way.  Set up an appointment today to begin your journey and take the first steps towards the new you today.

“Don’t wait, this $450 discount offer is only around for a limited time!”

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