15 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Throwing Away Your Eggshells

Egg shell on the table. Calcium carbonate, found naturally in the form of minerals, is part of the egg shell. Used in everyday life to alkalize the soil in gardening.Shutterstock / Vadim Zhakupov

Create a Non-Toxic Abrasive Cleaner

You vowed to steer clear of powdered household and industrial cleaners (goodbye, Ajax!) but have no clue what to use instead of these powerful chemicals. We spotted a non-toxic and gentle-on-your-nose cleaner on RealFoodRN.com.

Firstly, collect the eggshells of about a dozen eggs. Once you’re ready to prepare the cleaner, wash the eggshells and line them up on a baking sheet. Dry the shells outside in the sun or on low heat in the oven for a few minutes. Use a mortar and pestle, coffee grinder or high-speed blender to blend into a fine paste. You should have about 1 cup of powder. In a mason jar, add 3 cups baking soda to the eggshell powder. To clean, just mix the powder with vinegar (or water). Use this formula on pots and pans (with baked-on food), shower doors (with months of gunk), toilet bowl rings and grout.

Try 50 clever ways to clean with baking soda.

Young plant growing in egg shell;Shutterstock / A3pfamily

Start the Herb Garden of Your Dreams

Daydream about covering every inch of your winter home with happy, green indoor plants? Here’s one step to realizing that dream. For your next weekend brunch, cook up a super yummy egg dish (eggs benedict casserole is always a winner). When cracking each egg, cut the top of the shell and pour the egg out of the shell to preserve most of the length of the eggshell. Gently rinse before storing. Remember to save the egg carton—this is where your herb starter plants will grow.

Once the shells have dried, use a sharp needle or awl to poke a hole in the bottom of each (for water drainage). Place an eggshell in each carton divot. Fill each most of the way with soil. Place seeds into soil, according to seed-sowing instructions. Mist soil with spray bottle and keep carton in full sun. Water regularly and keep an eye out for sprouts. Once it’s time to transfer into a pot or garden, you can transplant as-is.

Woman breaks eggs and separates a protein from a yolkGeorgy Dzyura/Shutterstock

Yolk Separator

Don’t be fooled by the gadgets you see at the store. The best way to separate egg whites from yolks is to use a good old-fashioned eggshell. Crack an egg in half and slowly pour the white into a bowl. Once the white starts tugging at the yolk, use the jagged side of the eggshell to separate the white. And, hey, don’t discard that yolk either. Here are 36 things you can make with egg yolk.

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