A bottle of wine a week could increase women’s cancer risk as much as smoking 10 cigarettes

The study, BMC Public Health, found that in terms of absolute risk, the researchers said one bottle of wine per week is associated with an increased absolute lifetime cancer risk for non-smokers of 1 per cent in men and 1.4 per cent in women.

Jane Green, professor of epidemiology and co-director of the cancer epidemiology unit at the University of Oxford, said: “It is important to view these results in context.

“For both men and women in the UK, the lifetime risk of cancer is around 50 per cent.

“The authors estimate that lifetime risk is around 1 per cent higher for men and women who drink a bottle of wine a week, or who smoke five to 10 cigarettes a week, than for those who neither smoke nor drink.

“The average UK drinker reports drinking the equivalent of about a bottle-and-a-half of wine a week, and the average smoker smokes about 10 cigarettes a day, or 70 a week.

“This work confirms that, for most smokers, their smoking carries much greater risks for cancer than does alcohol for most drinkers.”

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