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Memes: More Than Just Funny Images

Before the age of the Internet, Richard Dawkins described a meme as an idea that easily spread across cultures. That can definitely apply to Internet memes, but Internet memes have evolved when it comes to definition. Memes can be inside jokes, relatable text on images, jokes, funny images, and political propaganda. You may look for the best motivation memes, or memes that make you forget motivation, to help you when you’re feeling down, or share a meme that aligns with your political beliefs.

How does it affect you? Here are a few ways memes can change you.

They Spread Information, For Better or Worse

A meme can be the source of information. It can tell you about a political party, a belief system, or a nonpolitical tidbit. Because they usually consist of a few lines of text on an image, they are easy for anyone to digest. In today’s information age, a meme creator needs to make sure the text isn’t too wordy, or else the meme may not spread.

The problem with relying on memes for information is that you do need to research the information and see what is true. Sometimes, the meme has truth to it. Other times, there is more context to the information it presents. Sometimes, the meme is complete falsity, either spread as a joke or used as propaganda.

Propaganda has been around since the dawn of civilized society, but now anyone can make and spread it with ease. It can influence someone’s decisions, political alignments, and how they view a certain group of people or ideology. Memes for or against capitalism. Memes for or against socialism. Left memes, right memes, Christian memes, atheist memes. Everyone is utilizing them, and they are fighting for the dankest and funniest memes to help win you over.

They Can Make Light of Our Faults as Humans

Another thing memes can do is help us make fun of our own flaws and illnesses. If you’re depressed, you can find plenty of memes about depression that are lighthearted and can help you laugh at yourself, all while acknowledging the impact depression has and spreading awareness of it. You can find memes that can make fun of a tragedy, and while some people may find them offensive, others may find those memes to be a good coping mechanism in what they see as a world slowly losing its sanity.

They Can Change Your Sense of Humor

Humor evolves with time. Those corny jokes that your dad says were all the rage back then. Memes can change your sense of humor quite a bit. Your humor may become more nonsensical, edgy, or a little more empathetic with the right memes. It can be hard to go back to what you used to find funny once you are exposed to too many memes.

They Can Easily Become Dated

Thanks to meme culture, jokes and memes are now becoming more dated than ever. A meme usually lasts a week, maybe a month at most, before it’s dated and uncool to reference. In contrast, jokes from the past could last you for years.

This can influence what you see as hip and what you see as dated. As meme culture spreads, so does our attention span.

The Future is Uncertain

Who knows what the future will be? It’s hard to say with memes and meme culture. Perhaps the meme bubble will pop soon, or it’ll get much more intense. Either way, our advice to you is to think before you meme. Take that as you will.


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