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An Old Man And The Moon

I decided to retire from employment due to health problems. Parkinson Disease to put on a name on it. Most people who get diagnosed with Parkinson Disease have slowed down a bit or a lot.

Parkinson Disease is considered to be a degenerative disease. Medications can help, but don’t cure. The slowing can get worse quickly or at a barely perceptible pace. I have so far been blessed with the later. Blessed in that my getting slower has been slow and more importantly I have received the benefit of slowing down, in this ever increasingly fast-paced world. I have noticed some things that I have missed before.

So it was with me and the Moon.

I was just recalling today, the evening I decided to take the time to fetch my cheap pair of binoculars and have a quick look at the almost full Moon. There was a large bank of clouds that appeared to be moving behind the Moon. I knew, or at least I thought I knew, that this must be some sort of illusion. After all, the Moon is far, far, much farther, away than any clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere. There were also some wispy clouds that appeared to be passing in front of the Moon. I focused the binoculars on those until they passed. I refocused the binoculars on the surface of the Moon. I brought some craters into a sharp focus. I noticed that there continued to be a large bank of clouds appearing to pass behind the Moon. The Moon clearly was something other than what I thought it was or was at least located other than where I was told it was in my high school Earth Science class or college astronomy class.

I did what any with it old man would do. I went to my computer.

It wasn’t long after I started getting interested in researching things unusual that I was warned about “confirmation bias” generated by internet search engine algorithms. Long before I set eyes upon a computer, I knew the value of holding contradictory explanations of things in mind, in order to compare and contrast explanatory values of conflicting ideas and the trap of seeking only to confirm the argument I preferred initially.

Today when I Googled “clouds behind the Moon,” first up I got a web site that wanted to explain the illusion of clouds appearing before the Sun. Is Google really that stupid? I had typed in “clouds behind the Moon.”

Next came images of the Moon that appeared to be clouds behind and in front of the Moon. They were similar to what I had seen before the clouds in front of the Moon passed and I put Moon craters into sharp focus, with the large bank of clouds continuing to move behind the Moon.

If I search long enough I’m sure I’ll find some obscure website that will address what I saw, but it didn’t used to be that difficult when I first did that search. The days of the internet being the clear way to confirm what I have seen that is surprising about the Moon appears to be over.

I have been repeatedly surprised to see phases of the Moon appearing in the sky as if they have slipped. I remember, at least I think I remember learning, even before high school Earth science, that moon phases are caused by the Earth’s shadow. Google tells me that it no longer necessarily like that. As per Google, it is like that only for eclipses of the Moon. Phases of the Moon are due to the Sun shining on different parts of the Moon. What?!

I agree with those who suggest that at least the Alphabet Corporation, that owns and controls Google and YouTube, planned all along to build the trust of those who learned to disbelieve the mainstream textbooks and other mainstream media, in order to slowly get deeply into the mainstream misinformation business. The control of minds rather than profit seeming to be the motive.

I am guessing that what I saw that night was a projection of the Moon. There is much support online for this theory. So too the theory of the Moon being a craft. There are well-argued theories that this craft is a hollowed-out celestial body, which once was a body part of a gigantic being. I am not making this up. I, even in my youth, couldn’t make up this kind of stuff.

I did once believe what I watched happen on television fifty years ago. At least I thought that was what I was watching. Neil Armstrong jumping onto the Moon’s surface. It is so sad today, that so many still believe the Hollywood fakery that television used to sell us the absurd vision of a Moon landing. I believed it until well into my sixties.

There were so many things that are obviously wrong with NASA’s narrative of the Apollo program, that any old man with an open mind can see it. No indication of disturbed Moon surface dust that should have been caused by the blasts of the landing rockets under the Lunar Excursion Module, (LEM), in images of the LEM, supposedly sitting on the Moon, is enough evidence of something not being right for me. If that wasn’t enough, there is so much more. All a man needs to do to see it is to slow down and notice.

Don’t fall for the first or second website that will explain to you why Moon landing conspiracy theorists are mistaken. If you strongly believe the first man on the Moon landing went down the way NASA claims it did you can find some online nonsense to support this position. I suggest you just take more than twenty minutes more to examine the Moon landing doubters’ evidence before making up your mind about whether or not your mind also has room for doubt.

A more personal question to consider is why should you care, one way or the other, what happened or didn’t happen on the Moon fifty years ago or last night?

I care because I don’t like being lied to. That’s enough.

What’s Next? Talk with others. Take action.

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