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Chicago Med is an NBC medical drama that has been on the air since 2015. The series follows the staff of an emergency room in the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Centre as they attempt to balance their stressful and high stakes work lives with their personal lives. Chicago Med is part of a shared continuity with both Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. The shared continuity has also led to several crossover events between the three tv shows, with the crossover events including plots from city-wide pandemics to disasters such as building fires. The show is incredibly popular and brings in just under 10 million views per episode in the US alone.

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10 Heavy Is The Head: 8.3

This episode of Chicago Med is packed with drama, even by its usual standards. The first element of drama comes from a father and son. A father has brought his son to the hospital as the son requires a kidney transplant and the father, who is a match, wishes to offer his kidney. However, doctors later find out that the father has kidnapped his son. The second element of drama is steeped in ethical dilemmas. A pregnant patient arrives at the hospital but refuses any emergency surgery, which leads to a difficult situation for medical student Elsa Curry.

9 Be My Better Half: 8.3

As the name suggests, this episode features a marriage propsoal. Dr. Halstead proposes to Dr. Manning and, happily for fans of the show, Dr. Manning accepts. The joy, however, is shortlived as the two engaged Drs almost instantly begin to bicker about marriage plans.

In addition to the engagement, this episode also features Dr. Choi’s attempts to convince April that her sister is not a drug addict.

8 Old Flames, New Sparks: 8.3

In this episode, Dr. Halstead finds a woman frozen in a patch of snow. After tending to the woman, Dr. Halstead then realizes that this patient has a poor relationship with alcohol. In addition to Dr. Halstead’s frozen patient, the episode also features a visit from Dr. Manning to Phillip Davis, whose wife died in childbirth.

This episode also features some interesting ethical concerns as Dr. Choi and April deal with the issue of organ donation to a patient with aggressive cancer, while Dr. Rhodes is forced to refuse surgery on an elderly woman for health reasons.

7 When To Let Go: 8.4

This episode of the medical series features a cross over with Chicago PD and Chicago Fire. Stella Kidd is brought to the hospital in a critical condition, with the possibility of losing one of her lungs, which would effectively end her career. In addition to this, Dr. Manning and Dr. Bekker treat a patient with horrific burns, and Dr. Halstead’s father is admitted to the hospital but later dies as a result of the injuries. Dr. Choi also treats a patient with bad burn injuries but suspects that the patient was beaten before she received her burn injuries.

6 We’re Lost In The Dark: 8.4

As the title of the episode suggests, this episode is centered around the idea that there is a power cut in the hospital. A storm in Chicago causes the hospital to lose power and the medical facility is plunged into anarchy. As a consequence of the power cut, Dr. Sexton and Dr. Marcel must perform emergency surgery without any lights, while Dr. Manning is stuck in an elevator with a patient who is in dire need of emergency surgery.

In addition to the lack of electricity, Dr. Halstead, Sharon, and Maggie are treating multiple patients with seizures and there are suspicions this is an outbreak.

5 With A Brave Heart: 8.5

With a Brave Heart was the last episode of season 4 and, consequently features a high amount of drama. Agent Lee reveals to Dr. Halstead that one of Ray Burke’s sons has recently been released from prison, so Halstead may be in danger as a result. Later in the episode, when Dr. Manning goes to speak to Dr. Halstead, Ray Burke’s son appears and hits them over the head, knocking Manning unconscious.

Aside from the violence in this episode, Dr. Rhodes discovers that his father overdosed on insulin and suspects foul play, Dr. Choi and April treat a patient with extreme allergies, and Maggie learns that she has metastatic breast cancer.

4 Forever Hold Your Peace: 8.6

In this episode, Dr. Rhodes tends to a young patient who has broken his arm while skateboarding but is refusing to allow any needles to be used in his treatment. In addition to this, Dr. Rhodes also learns that his father has sadly died.

In addition to the Dr. Rhodes plot, April must look after Dr. Choi’s sister’s baby after the baby is abandoned by its mother, and Dr. Halstead makes the difficult decision to tell Maggie that her sister has an abusive boyfriend.

3 Infection Part 2: 8.8

Infection Part 2 is another crossover event with both Chicago PD and Chicago Fire. As the episode title suggests, this episode is based around an aggressive flesh-eating bacterial infection that has spread across Chicago. The police suspect that the outbreak may be a result of terrorist activity due to the fact that the infection is only reported in the two areas of Chicago that are most densely populated.

This episode is almost movie length in its scope and does a fantastic job of ratcheting up the tension.

2 Never Let You Go: 9.0

Never Let You Go is, perhaps, Chicago Med‘s most drama-filled episode. The hospital is effectively under siege as a teenager with a gun holds several people hostage. The teenager does this as he has recently learned that his pregnant girlfriend has decided to put their baby up for adoption, so the teenager wants to take the baby with him. Due to the teenager, Dr. Choi is unable to perform surgery on a young child and instead must instruct April how to carry out the surgery on the child.

1 Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings: 9.3

In a strange turn of events for the doctors, Dr. Choi and Dr. Charles must tend to a patient who strongly believes that he is a vampire. In addition to the vampire plot, Dr. Choi’s treatment of a military amputee is ended prematurely when some high ranking military officers arrive to remove the amputee from the hospital.

In addition to the hospital drama, Maggie meets a new friend while attending chemotherapy and hosts a crawfish party.


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