Massage these 4 points to lose weight77

If you have problems with an excessive weight, we are about to come with unexpected solution! Today we are not going to give you pieces of advice on eating and work out. You already know how important these are. We will tell you how to lose weight with the help of massage!
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It is not a massage in sauna that we suggest and not even anti – cellulite massage that will speed up the blood circulation in your skin tissues. There are 4 particular points in your body that need to be stimulated, in order to lose weight.
Stimulations of these spots of your body will make your far fade away, since all the dysfunctions of your body will be prevented. The massage we suggest is beneficial for the appetite control and for digestion. So, read on.

If you have troubles with your bowel movements, massage of this spot will help you. Healthy bowel movements are the ones, which occur no later than after 24 hours after the meal consumption. Just press the spot on your body with your finger and keep the pressure for a couple of minutes a day.>>>>READ MORE

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