A Rare Jamaican Strain Vs. Pancreatic Cancer

An article posted on the Health Europa site reports that a drug development firm, Flavocure, has been granted Orphan drug status to study the effects of the flavonoid Caflanone (FBL-03G) on the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The FDA granted this status, following scientific studies of Black Swan, the cannabis strain containing Caflanone. The research showed that in animals with pancreatic cancer, the treatment demonstrated effectiveness in treating tumors.

Jamaican Cannabis

Clinical trials of the treatment are expected to begin in the
spring. Harvard University, the Pancreatic Cancer Network, and others have
strongly endorsed the study. The article quotes the company’s co-founder, Clark
Swanson, as saying, “We are optimistic that the trials will be successful, and
thus far research has shown that Caflanone (FBL-03G) to be non-toxic. This is a departure from
most drugs in clinical trials which typically carry risk for toxicity and side

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