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What Causes Intimacy Issues? – The Good Men Project

What are intimacy issues?

When a person has intimacy issues, they are afraid to be close to others. Many people have intimacy issues in romantic relationships. They are afraid of being emotionally intimate with a partner or have problems with physical or sexual intimacy. It could be scary to become close to somebody, especially if you’ve had intimacy issues in the past. There are many ways to be close to people. Here are some different forms of intimacy.

Emotional intimacy

When you are emotionally intimate with your partner, it means that you trust them with your feelings. You can express yourself to them about how you feel on any given topic. You share your deep secrets with them, and you want to know more about who they are and how they feel. Emotional intimacy is extremely powerful in romantic relationships. It brings you and your partner closer together and deepens your bond.

Fear of emotional intimacy

When somebody is afraid of amount emotional intimacy it’s because of many different factors. They have opened up to a partner in the past and felt misunderstood. They could be a victim of emotional abuse. Their family was cruel or dismissive of their emotions. If your partner has a negative experience with having their emotions misunderstood, that could prevent them from being emotionally intimate with you. Emotional intimacy issues can be overcome in individual therapy or couples counseling. The first step to dealing with emotional intimacy issues is for both members of the couple to acknowledge that there is a problem with emotional intimacy and openly talk about it with one another. After that, the work begins in therapy.

Physical intimacy

Physical intimacy means that you feel like you can intimately touch your partner. It’s not necessarily sexual; it is physical touch. You like being held or kissed. Perhaps you enjoy holding hands. Physical intimacy can strengthen the bond of a relationship in a unique way. But some people have issues being physically intimate.

Fear of physical intimacy

Some people are afraid of physical intimacy if you weren’t touched very much as a child. Maybe were the victim of physical abuse. If you are scared of physical intimacy, this is something that you can discuss in individual therapy to find out the root cause of the problem. These issues can also be overcome, but it’s essential to understand where their origins so that you can address them.

Sexual intimacy

Sexual intimacy is when you and your partner connect through sex. Being sexually intimate can make a couple feel extremely close to one another. Having a healthy sex life is important for many different people and relationships. When you feel comfortable enough to have a sexual relationship, it can strengthen a couple’s connection to one another. Trying new things in the bedroom can enhance sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy is a huge part of communicating with your partner and can make a relationship feel extremely close.

Fear of sexual intimacy

Some people are afraid to become sexually intimate because they have experienced abuse. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, being sexually intimate can be traumatizing. Another reason for fear of sexual intimacy is a lack of experience. If you haven’t explored your sexuality, or you are unsure of what to do in the bedroom, you may be fearful. Given time, sexual intimacy can develop between two partners. Sometimes talking about it in couples therapy can help. Or if somebody is having individual sexual issues, they can talk about it with their therapist. Sexual intimacy issues can be overcome if the partners are dedicated to open communication and to figure out the root causes.

Couples therapy and intimacy

Whether you see a therapist online or in your local area, couples therapy can be an excellent place to discuss issues surrounding intimacy. For some people, intimate issues are a sensitive topic. That’s why online counseling can be a great place to discuss these issues with it because it’s a safe environment. You and your partner have the right to feel a strong bond, and that’s why online counseling can help.

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