Connecticut Governor Calls for Cannabis Legalization and Regional Cooperation

In his State of the State address yesterday (2/5/2020), governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, laid out a proposal to make marijuana legal in CT. And, as reported by Grizzle, the governor also called for regional cooperation from neighboring states to implement regional regulations on the sale and consumption of cannabis. He included $300,000 in his 2021 Connecticut state budget to begin work on such a regulatory framework.

Connecticut Cannabis Laws

In his speech, the governor said that what exists now is a
patchwork of cannabis laws that differ from state to state and are difficult to
enforce. In addition to calling for adult-use legalization in CT, Gov. Lamont
proposed cooperation from the states of New
York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
, among others. This regional regulation
plan would standardize tax rates and would have the states set common standards
on advertising, THC content, and other cannabis regulations.

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