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I Want to Find Marriage Counseling Near Me

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is a form of mental health treatment that is sometimes known as couples counseling or relationship counseling. A therapist works with a couple and helps them navigate any problems that have come up in their marriage. It could mean so many different things. Maybe, one partner cheated on the other. Perhaps, the couple is at odds as to if they want to have kids together or not. It could be that there are communication issues. There are so many reasons that a couple might choose to enter marriage counseling, and there’s no one “right” reason to do so. Marriage counseling can help you strengthen your relationship or separate peacefully if you choose to do so.

I want to find the right marriage counselor for us

You may be thinking, “how do I find marriage counseling near me?” Well, the first thing that you want to consider is what kind of marriage counseling you want and what you’d like to achieve in counseling. Do you want to work on communication issues, or do you want to talk about intimacy issues? Do you want to work on establishing goals together and building a future, or do you want to work on separating peacefully? Determining what the goals are in counseling will help you to decide what kind of counselor is needed. It’s essential to understand what you need from counseling and what your partner needs from counseling, so first, you must have a dialogue to discuss what you’re looking for in a counselor.

Here are some questions you want to ask yourself when you search for a counselor online or are preparing to get a referral to a counselor.

  • Is the counselor certified in marriage and family counseling? (Are they an LMFT)?
  • Are they easily accessible?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • What’s the cost of counseling per session?
  • Do they take insurance?
  • Do they respond to calls and emails?
  • What sort of training do they have?
  • What mode of therapy do they practice?

You can ask the marriage counselor when you speak with them about what techniques they use. Some marriage counselors use a very popular technique called the Gottman technique. Gottman focused on different relationship houses and the foundation of what makes a relationship strong, which includes communication, intimacy, and truly looking to understand your partner.

Different approaches to marriage counseling

Previously mentioned was the Gottman technique, which helps couples become close, affectionate, and treat one another with respect. Other popular approaches include:

Internal family systems therapy, which helps two partners deeply understand what the other needs and can assist them in knowing each person’s family background and where they’re coming from.

Imago relationship therapy, which focuses on how a negative perception in the relationship impacts how the partners communicate with one another. It helps create positive communication and respect between the members of the partnership.

Emotionally-focused therapy, which helps partners feel like their relationship has a stable bond.

What to expect in marriage counseling

The marriage counselor or LMFT will help partners communicate effectively. They’ll serve as a mediator and figure out what the core issues are in a relationship by asking the appropriate questions. Each partner will have time to express their concerns and feelings, and then the counselor will give feedback to the couple. They’ll likely have the couple talk about what their goals are individually and collectively as a couple.

Issues that can come up in marriage counseling:

  • Intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Anger problems
  • Communication problems
  • Parenting dynamic
  • Financial problems

Marriage and family counseling can be a great place to talk about these issues, and more. A marriage counselor can be of great assistance because they’re impartial and understand the common problems that come up in marriage counseling.

Online marriage counseling or local couples therapy

There’s no right way to seek marriage counseling, and there are many different means that you can pursue to access this form of care. One option is to find a provider in your local area. If you search your zip code on different websites or call your insurance company and ask who is covered near you, you’re likely to find a clinician nearby. Another option is online marriage counseling, which can help because it is safe and affordable, and you’ll be able to find someone that meets your needs. Sometimes, there are sensitive issues that we want to discuss in marriage counseling, and doing so in the privacy of your own home can be a great relief. Don’t be afraid to search for help in your relationship. A marriage counselor is an excellent person to confide in who can help you navigate complexities in your relationship.

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