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Innova ITM4800 Inversion Table Review: Is it the Best For Back Pain?

Please Note: This article is presented for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. If you have any health concern, see a licensed healthcare professional in person.

Innova Health and Fitness are back again with an excellent product that will help you with your fitness goals – an Inversion table. As a reputed fitness equipment maker, they are living up to the high expectations by delivering high-quality equipment to their customers.

Their complete devotion to making useful and sturdy fitness gear is admirable, and they could be easily one of the best of their contemporaries. The new Inversion table by Innova Health and Fitness is a form of fitness equipment that is used in inversion therapy. If you’re wondering what an inversion table is, or an inversion therapy is, read on.

Why did we choose to review the Innova ITM4800?

There are so many inversion tables out there, we could’ve reviewed any of them, but why did we choose this? It’s because more than 34 fitness enthusiasts we interviewed mentioned about using this. Not only that, A reliable fitness equipment resource, Fitness Step has ranked it #2 in their list and have mentioned it as “best-suited for back pain.”

After hearing about it from so many reliable sources and its ability to help with back pain is the reason why we couldn’t resist writing about this and decided to test it and post a detailed review to help our readers make an informed buying decision.

Heard about inversion therapy for the first time? Don’t know if it would work? Well, before we begin with the review, we’ve explained about an Inversion table, also how inversion therapy works and have also cited a few authoritative resources that claim it to be a solution for back pain problems. So, shall we finally begin?

What is an Inversion Table?

An inversion table is a piece of fitness equipment that helps you with spinal health. It is used as part of the equipment of inversion therapy. It lets you focus on your back, and helps you get back to healthier, flexible back muscles. The inversion table is used in a lot of physical therapy places where the goal is to soothe the spinal stiffness and sore back. It is also a part of the therapy process for many stubborn conditions like arthritis and sciatica as well.

What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is a form of physical therapy that helps you with painful kidney stones, spinal rigidity, arthritis, and spinal stenosis. The idea of inversion therapy is shifting the gravity of the body by using specialized equipment to ease the pressure off the back.

Using an inversion table is one of the ways to get the therapy. It is also highly helpful for someone looking to improve their general flexibility. The therapy is said to have a lot of improvement in muscle health too!

Can Inversion Therapy be achieved without an Inversion Table?

Theoretically, inversion therapy is supposed to work by reducing the friction in the spine, easing up the inflammation, as well as increasing the supply of blood in the muscles. It is also supposed to be helpful by decompressing the spine and easy movement of spinal fluid.

Although there are a couple more methods to help with the inversion therapy such as the gravity chairs and the boots, an Inversion table is fuss-free and easy to access gear compared to the other options. It is relatively easy to use, with the least risk of injuries.

But Does Inversion Therapy Actually Work?

A particular study that was done to see “if inversion therapy helps?” and it was found that it helps in reducing the back pain, also, the same study says that it also creates a significant influence by reducing spinal compression.

Another study suggests that patients with lumbar disease had benefited from using inversion therapy and didn’t need surgery. For problems like sciatica and arthritis, surgery is a complicated option, therefore, a lot of physical therapy options are in place, which is recommended by the doctors. Inversion therapy is one of these choices that is supposed to ease up any of the compressions in the back.

Interestingly, inversion therapy dates back to the early civilizations, and reportedly, Hippocrates, the father of medicine himself, used this kind of therapy to cure his patient’s back pain that was caused by herniated discs and discomfort by spinal injuries, and compression.

The Innova ITM4800 Inversion Table Reviewed

This particular model by Innova Health and fitness comes with a variety of features for the user to dive into. Here is the breakdown of the features of this inversion table.

1. Adjustable Massage and Heat Pad.

The Innova ITM4800 comes with the unique adjustable massage and heating pad, setting it apart from its contemporary inversion tables. The massage and heating pads are highly comforting to an achy or a sore back.

Apart from the general soothing aspect, heating pads also help boost circulation, and they are efficient with helping out with muscle spasms and joint aches.

As this inversion table from Innova Health and fitness has an adjustable range of heat and vibrations, it is easy to control the heat based on your tolerance and intensity level.

While you’re there doing the therapy part of inversion with this table, the heat and vibrations are extra care for your body to feel refreshed.

There are three settings – low, medium and high for the user to choose with both heat and the vibrations. You can also remove the heat pads if you’re feeling uncomfortable with them while inversion.

2. The Build Quality

As you would be doing a range of exercises with the inversion table, it is important that it is durable and strong. Inversion therapy requires you to put a significant amount of your weight distributed onto the table, and therefore, choosing a table based on its superior quality will save you both time and your hard-earned money.

This inversion table is very tough and has a comfortable backrest and handlebars that help you with your flexibility and makes the experience of using the table so much more easier. Adding to that, the durability and the strength of the frame never fails you with any kind of safety concerns you might have for using a table for gravity inversion.

As far as safety and security is concerned, the Innova ITM4800 has gotten you covered, so that you can be immersed in your inversion carefree.

3. Height Adjustment tube and True Balance System

While the concept of inversion and gravity balancing and redistribution sounds like a complex way of physical therapy, it doesn’t necessarily be that way. The Innova ITM4800 helps you with the flexibility and the logistical part of your usage of the equipment.

The height adjustment tube is a handy feature, as one thing doesn’t fit for all! With this special feature, you can control how you proceed with your inversion therapy, within comfort. Sports injuries are very common while using any kind of fitness gear, most of them owing to the rigidity of the equipment, so having a  feature that lets you adjust the machine as per your needs is awesome, isn’t it?

Also, the true balance system associated with this table helps you transition into your inversion quickly and smoothly without any fuss. When you are into the therapy, balance is the most important thing as you’re redirecting the gravity, and this feature helps you find it and feel confident with your progression!

4. Ergonomic Ankle Holding System

Inversion can look daunting and challenging for anyone. The complexity of it might keep people away from using the therapy, as there is always fear associated with the gravity redistributing exercise. However, what Innova ITM4800 does is, it gives you security in every way possible.

The ergonomic ankle holding system in this table is for the safety of the user, and also for a swift inversion. The ankle holding system is made up of U shaped holders for your ankles to be secured so that you don’t fumble while you’re in your inversion therapy.

It is no secret that the most confident and secure you are with gear, the relaxed and concentrated your inversion therapy would go. You can also remove them if you don’t feel comfortable enough to use them.

5. Six Angle Pin Slot System

As you begin your inversion, it is of high importance that you stay confident, calm and relaxed the entire time. The six angle pin slot system with the Innova ITM4800 helps you with it. As a sudden dive into complete inversion is both scary and startling, it is much easier, and better to slowly transition into the inversion consistently.

This table gives options of angles the users wish to change to control their delve into their inversion within their comfort and can adjust accordingly. Plus, there is nothing more secure than having complete autonomy of your inversion and exploring your way on your own terms.

Innova ITM4800 Inversion Table Pros & Cons

Pros :

  • The equipment is very secure and strong.
  • Plug-in heat pads are available with the gear, batteries aren’t needed.
  • The machinery is super easy to use
  • The equipment can be folded up so it doesn’t take too much space in the house
  • There is no weight or height limit, anyone can use it
  • The ankle pads are flexible to the user and can be removed it they seem uncomfortable.
  • Adjustable height tubes for each user so that they’re comfortable with their gear.
  • Flexible heat and vibration pads with various settings
  • A year warranty
  • It is cost-effective compared to its other contemporaries.


Cons :

  • Might be time-consuming to assemble the gear initially as it arrives non-assembled.
  • Could take time to be used to the machine completely as inversion therapy is not commonly practised outside the medical recommendations.

What Do Fitness Experts Have To Say About This Machine?

While weighing up the machinery’s pros and cons, why not take a look at what fitness experts in the industry who’ve used this table have said to us during our interviews. Although, the above review has all the information you would need. But, if you’re still confused, isn’t it a good idea to check what they have to say?

Noah Linker – Best Inversion Table for Back Pain (Instructor at a GYM in the Bay Area) says:

“Really good unit out there, and it is very competent for the price you pay for it. I have used another table before this but this is a very good one. The machine has to be self-assembled, which could be time taking if you don’t pay attention to the manual. All parts come in separately, and once you’ve put them all together properly, you’re good to go. It took me over a couple of hours to put it all together. Also, at any point, if you find the heating pad or the ankle monitors uncomfortable, you can remove them. You can also adjust the settings as you wish with the heat, and I keep mine at a nice warmth. I use it almost every day and it has shown a huge difference with my intermittent back pain.”

Charles Elton – Loves it for its Flexibility (Owner of a small fitness center in NYC) says:

“The equipment is pretty big and takes up space when it is unfolded and open fully, but the best part is that I can fold it up and store it in a much smaller space. I was worried whether it is strong enough to take my weight but it definitely does a good job! It is firm and it doesn’t shake or budge. Plus the pin system lets you choose the angle so you can be relaxed while you’re using this. It helps me recover quickly when I am having a hard day at work where it is physically taxing, and helps me stretch out my back muscles and feel better. It even helps with my stiff neck muscles and I feel fresh after using it for a bit every day. It helps me get more flexible too.”

Olivia Watson, Helps Seniors and Adults with Back Pain Problems

“This is a good product because it is pocket-friendly and easy to use. I didn’t have to spend a lot to get this, as it looked fancy and expensive equipment. I ordered this to treat my intermittent back pain at home and it works so well! I haven’t tried the high settings of vibration or heat yet, as the moderate mode seems more than adequate. I definitely recommend this. I am slowly increasing the time of usage and angles every day and I am finding a huge amount of difference in my pain. It also helped me get back into proper exercising as I don’t feel so lethargic due to my severe back pain anymore”.


Judging from the deeper analysis of the machine, pros and cons, as well as what fitness experts are saying, Innova ITM4800 seems like a good investment. It helps with the back-related concerns, as well as boost circulation and build strength and flexibility of muscles.

It is also seen as a helpful tool for just stretching out and overall muscle health. The reviews of the product were positive, and the only mild concern was with assembling the gear, and a manual is given for that.

Apart from that, there seem to be no complaints with the equipment, so it’s all green flags for the Innova ITM4800. However, concerning any health-related decision, seeing your doctor before buying and using any kind of equipment at all is of utmost importance.

If you have any health issues that look like they’d be solved by using the Innova ITM4800, don’t dive into it without consulting your doctor first. Safety first!

This content is brought to you by Fitness Step.

Photo provided by Fitness Step.


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