Cannabis Cares: Turning Around the Cannabis Stigma

Despite all the positive aspects of marijuana, it has been seen as the “bad guy” in society by many people for decades. But, as reported in Forbes, the organization Cannabis Cares is doing their part to change that. The purpose behind the movement is to show the successful, active, caring side of cannabis.

Cannabis Cares

The movement hopes to turn around the negative stigma often associated with cannabis. An example of an event sponsored by Cannabis Cares is their second “feed the people” event, held in the skid row area of Los Angeles. This event provided meals for 2,000 people and clothes for 1,800. The event also featured free haircuts for the needy. The primary goal of Cannabis Cares is to help people, and their other aim is to get cannabis businesses involved to help change the negative view of cannabis that many have.

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