FSD Pharma Gets FDA Approval for Cannabis Drug Trial Applicationfor Covid-19 Treatment

Cytokine storms are what make Covid-19 bad. They occur when, in an attempt to fight off the virus, the body begins attacking its own cells. And, according to an article in Business Wire today, a marijuana-derived compound being researched by FSD Pharma has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be studied for its ability to quell cytokine storms associated with Covid-19.

FDA Approves FSD Pharma

The drug that FSD Pharma has been cleared to test mimics naturally derived molecules from cannabis. These compounds have been widely known for their ability to mitigate pain and fight inflammation, and there is preliminary evidence they could be effective in reducing cytokine storms resulting from Covid-19. News of the FDA’s approval for a clinical trial application sent shares of FSD Pharma (NASDAQ: HUGE) shooting up 324%.

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