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What is Emotional Attachment Disorder?

Whether it is you or someone you care about that has an emotional attachment disorder, it can make relationships a bit difficult. For example, if you freak out when your significant other leaves the house, even if they are going to work, you may have this complicated and painful disorder. Although it typically begins when you are an infant, if it was not treated early on, you are going to carry that with you, and it will spill over into your new relationships.

Signs of Emotional Attachment Disorder

However, the signs can be different with everyone. While one person may become more attached while another refuses to get attached to anyone. It all boils down to one thing, though. It can usually be traced back to something that happened to you as a baby or toddler. Either you were neglected, abused, maybe one or both of your parents abandoned you, or maybe they just did not pay any attention to you at all. But everyone reacts differently to these situations. Here are some signs of emotional attachment disorder:

Clingy and Needy

Do you feel the need to be with your significant other all the time? Are you afraid they will not come back every time they walk out the door? Do you have to call or text them all the time while they are at work? Does it make you crazy if they want to hang out with their friends? This can be the result of parent abandonment when you were young. You think that if your partner leaves, they may not come back because that is what your parent did.

Inability to Have a Deep Relationship

On the other hand, some people who have been abandoned or neglected by their parents at a young age do not ever get too close to anyone. They typically have a lot of short relationships or flings because they do not want to get too invested in something that will not last. If your parent left you when you were little, you may feel like there is no point in getting too attached to anyone else because they will probably leave you too.

Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

Many people with emotional attachment disorder turn to drugs or alcohol to make themselves feel better. You may have started drinking or using drugs when you were young to help ease the pain of losing a parent or because of the abuse. Then again, you may have just done it because your parents did not pay any attention to you so you could do whatever you wanted. Whatever the reason, it will likely follow you into adulthood, causing all sorts of problems.

Does Not Feel Empathy

One who does not allow themselves to feel, does not care about other people’s feelings either. If you have been abused or abandoned as a child, you may have learned to shut off those feelings so you could get through it. You learn to live without feeling and do not understand why anyone else cares either.

Are You a Control Freak?

Because you were not able to control what happened to you as a child, you may try to control everything and everyone as an adult. This makes it very difficult to have a relationship with anyone. If you get mad that your partner does not do what you ask or that they do things without consulting you, this can be a sign of emotional attachment disorder.

Does Not Trust Anyone

Anyone who gets abandoned or mistreated as a child is likely to have trust issues when they get older. In fact, you may think that nobody can be trusted, including yourself. Why should you be accountable for your actions if nobody else is? Why should you tell the truth when everyone else lies? Your childhood issues will follow you into relationship after relationship if you do not get the help you need.

Physically or Mentally Abusive to Others

Many children who are abused end up continuing the cycle with their loved ones. It may be their new partner, children, or anyone that gets too close to them. If you were physically abused as a child, you may think that is how the world works, so of course, you should do the same thing to people you care about. That is how they learn. The cycle of abuse is a dangerous and destructive thing, and it is important that you get some help if you were abused as a child.

As an Adult

What if you had the perfect childhood but you still have emotional attachment disorder? Sometimes, it does not happen because of your childhood. It could have been some sort of abuse or chronic neglect in an adult relationship that made you feel this way. It may be part of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by being in a traumatic incident like a major accident or the loss of a loved one. No matter what the reason, if you or someone you love has any of these signs, talk to a counselor or therapist. With, you can do it online and don’t need an appointment. Just contact them, and they will get you some help within 24 hours.

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