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Health Trends for Men to Track in 2021

Public awareness of fitness and wellness continues to rise as people strive to find innovative ways to increase their life expectancy.

Health trends tend to be rather faddy, with ‘experts’ often providing conflicting advice that leaves society wondering which way to turn.

Things can be incredibly difficult for men, particularly with regard to the fact that many still find it challenging to open up about certain aspects of their wellbeing.

However, there are many elements of guidance that have their roots set firmly in a solid scientific base, so read on as we look at the health trends for men to follow in 2021.

Sleep Aid Products

Numerous studies have shown that failing to get enough good quality sleep can be extremely detrimental to health and wellbeing.

As a result of this, sleep aids have become big business, with experts predicting that the sector could generate annual revenues of $100 billion by 2023.

Tech news site has featured the best items, providing information about events such as Amazon Prime Day where people can buy the latest innovations.

Temperature control systems, wireless sleep buds, and health tracking watches are amongst the products that have already made waves, and that trend should continue during 2021.

Products like the Climate360 Smart Bed are also likely to grow in popularity, with their ability to provide enhanced levels of sleep making them a hugely attractive proposition.

Digital Health

The healthcare industry has been shifting towards a digitalized culture over the past years, and that trend is expected to continue into next year and beyond.

Medical technology incorporates numerous elements including medical robots, body scanners and replacements for human joints.

Medical robots are perhaps the most significant trend worth following, particularly with their ability to help with healthcare efforts in deprived countries.

They can help with tasks such as the distribution of medical supplies, delivery of food to patients and health workers and reduction of the workload of medical staff.

Robots are expected to become even more commonplace in the sector in the future, thus helping to alleviate some of the strain on healthcare workers.

CBD Products

The 2018 Farm Bill sparked a massive boom in the Cannabidiol (CBD) industry, allowing a plethora of private and public sector companies to jump on the bandwagon.

CBD oil has since been widely tipped to transform the health sector due to its ability to act as an effective treatment for numerous common ailments.

Cannabis-infused beverages could be the next big thing in the sector, with Canadian pot company Canopy Growth Corp already confirming they will launch a new range of products next summer.

A growing number of firms are bidding to grab a piece of the action, with the recreational use of marijuana by adults currently legal in 11 states.

Mental Health

Many men remain reluctant to disclose mental health problems to their loved ones or seek support from professionals for their problems.

While society generally appears to be more switched on to mental health, it is fair to say that there is still plenty of work to be done.

One area where improvements are still needed is in the mental health support network provided by employers for their workers.

It is anticipated that 2021 will see a rise in the number of businesses that offer employees enrolment in assistance programs that provide mental health support.

Creating a culture where a company is open about mental health issues is a positive move, and more firms will embrace this ethos in the future.

Remote Fitness

The fitness industry has undergone a massive change over the past few months, with people shifting more towards working out remotely.

An excellent example of this is Peloton’s spin bike, which allows users to partake in online fitness sessions with people from across the world.

Peloton is pushing this trend even harder, with the company adding two new products to its home smart gym line-up the Bike+ and the Tread.

The New York-based fitness and technology has also announced a new class called ‘Bike Bootcamp’ that includes strength training to provide a more comprehensive total body workout.

With many people remaining wary of returning to traditional fitness facilities, the growth of the home market should continue for the foreseeable future.

2021 Health Trends – The Final Word

The benefits of looking after our health and wellbeing are fully expected to remain a hugely popular topic throughout 2021.

Technology has undoubtedly been a key driver of advancements in healthcare over the past few tears, and that trend is unlikely to change.

Mental health will also continue to be a major topic next year as people gain a greater level of understanding of its impact.

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