You should think twice before taking common medicines like the pill, sleeping tablets and antihistamines on a plane – here’s why

We are all (hopefully) familiar with the air travel rules. Get to the airport two hours before your flight, don’t have any liquids in your hand luggage over 100ml, and leave your knives at home. But do you know what medicines you should and shouldn’t take when you’re on a plane? According to pharmacist Nial […]

Heavy Periods May Become A Thing Of The Past Thanks To This Discovery

Scientists have uncovered a possible cause for heavy periods, saying it could pave the way for new treatment to ease excessive menstrual bleeding.  The researchers, from the University of Edinburgh, identified a key protein that could explain why some women experience heavy bleeding every month, while others do not. They said the discovery could lead to […]

Lemon water can actually improve your health – here’s the best time to drink it

  Adding some lemon to your water doesn’t just taste good, it can make you feel good too.         The lemon wedge you use to flavor your water might actually be good for your health [post_ads_2] Lemons are a good source of vitamin C and they contain compounds that may protect your […]

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Make Wounds Heal Without Scars

Whether it’s from a surgical procedure, clumsy shaving, or that traumatic biking incident that happened when you were five, just about everyone has a scar they wish would just fade away. And while there’s not a whole lot that can be done for scars that are already there, in 2017 researchers figured out how to […]

Blood test which confirms prostate cancer could prevent 70pc of biopsies

A simple blood test which confirms the presence of prostate cancer could prevent 70 per cent of painful biopsies, scientists believe. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University and University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust have discovered that the immune system changes when cancer is present, and that difference can be picked up in the blood. Nearly 50,000 […]

Scientists Edge Closer To A Blood Test To Detect Cancers

Andrew Lichtenstein/Getty Images Researchers say they have taken a step toward developing a blood test that would detect eight common cancers, possibly even before symptoms appear. As they report Thursday in the journal Science, they’re hoping their idea would eventually lead to a $500 test that can screen for cancer and identify people with the […]

What You Need To Know About The Link Between Birth Control And Cancer

A recent study confirmed a link between breast cancer and hormonal birth control (including pills but also the patch, implant and some IUDs). Give yourself two seconds to freak out, then take a deep breath, and let's discuss. Photo by Surija. The news here is actually not that there is a link between the two […]

New study reveals why some people are more creative than others

Creativity is often defined as the ability to come up with new and useful ideas. Like intelligence, it can be considered a trait that everyone – not just creative “geniuses” like Picasso and Steve Jobs – possesses in some capacity. It’s not just your ability to draw a picture or design a product. We all […]

How to make your period shorter – Benefits of Having Sex During Your Period

Getty Man, who doesn’t love their period? Who doesn’t love the cramps, the inevitable leakage, the stains, the bloating, and the inability to sit on a white couch in a white bathing suit after flying a kite in a meadow, as all period commercials suggest women do? NOT US! While some forms of birth control […]

There’s a new critical reason to keep your oral health in check

  While it may be easy to shrug off the responsibilities required to maintain good oral health (flossing, ugh), you might want to listen to your dentist: According to two new studies, taking care of your teeth can actually play a role in reducing your risk of developing cancer. A recent study out of the University of Helsinki in […]

Walmart Takes on the Opioid Crisis With a New Tool That Destroys Drugs

Walmart, (wmt) the fourth largest U.S. pharmacy operator, has unveiled a tool it thinks can help dent the country’s raging opioid crisis: a packet that makes leftover medication unusable and easier to throw out. The company said on Wednesday that the solution is called “DisposeRx” and consists of a packet with ingredients that, when combined […]

Here’s why you should never take antihistamines when you fly

Every day, more than 10 million people take a flight somewhere in the world. While flying is relatively safe, the unique environmental conditions can put passengers at risk if they’re taking certain medications. These include any hormone-based drugs, like the contraceptive pill and some fertility medicines, and drugs used to prevent heart attack and stroke. […]

A sleep expert gives the best tips for falling asleep quicker

Sleep expert Matthew Walker describes the perfect conditions for falling asleep quicker. Following is a transcript of the video. Matthew Walker: My name is Matthew Walker. I am a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California Berkeley and I am the author of the book, “Why We Sleep.” What are things that we […]

Engineered T-cell treatment helps keep cancer at bay

Michael Irving January 17th, 2018 Scientists have engineered T-cells to thwart one of cancer’s self-defense mechanisms(Credit: auntspray/Depositphotos) Cancer has been winning the arms race agains the immune system for too long, but scientists are developing plenty of new weapons to try to turn the tide. One key technique is to supercharge T-cells – the foot-soldiers of […]