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Five Key Principles to Sound Prescription Medication Pricing Reform


Five Key Principles to Sound Prescription Medication Pricing Reform

Congress and policy makers in Washington are intently
focused on how to optimally manage the cost of prescription medications.  Many proposals have already been released,
and it is likely that this focus will continue well into the 2020 elections and
beyond.  This focus is appropriate given
the importance access to medications plays as a cornerstone of the management
of most medical conditions.  It is also
likely that over the next several months and years there will be a myriad of
legislative and regulatory proposals floated, debated and voted on or

Given the profound impact these policy changes will have on
the efficacy of health care in the United States and, most importantly, the
well-being of patients across the country, Men’s Health Network strongly urges
public sector policy makers and regulators as well as private sector payers,
benefit managers and PBM executives to adhere to the following principles to
ensure that proposed reforms are focused on ultimately benefiting patients and optimizing
the costs associated with adhering to prescribed medical therapies.   

Five Key Principles to Sound Prescription Medication Pricing Reform:

These five principles have one commonality – keeping the long-term
best interests of patients in focus.  In
the end that will fulfill the ethical and social obligations of providers,
government and health benefit managers and enhance the care of patients.

As part of our work educating and providing advocacy opportunities
for men, boys and their families, Men’s Health Network will continue to explore
these principles in more depth in the coming weeks. Please check back here on
our blog to follow the series or reach out on social media to engage, ask
questions, and learn more about the policies that impact men’s health. 

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Author: Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni

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