Using Weed to Enhance Sexual Pleasure Has Soared During Pandemic, Survey Finds

With COVID keeping everyone inside a lot more, a new poll indicates that a combination of two of the most popular adult indoor activities — cannabis use and sex — has boomed in popularity during the pandemic.  

The survey, conducted by weed site Eaze and human relations media institution Playboy, reports that two-thirds of participants said they have increasingly used pot to enhance intercourse during coronavirus shelter-in-place periods.

Specifically, 32.9 percent of respondents reported they paired cannabis and canoodling “very often;” 29 percent reported they did so “sometimes;” and 14.4 percent said they “always” did it (we know who we want to party with). In addition, participants reported a 5.6 percent rise in orgasms while stoned during sex.

From there, the numbers keep coming (ahem). 22 percent said they were “extremely satisfied” when enjoying high-quality sexual alone time, an increase of 18.7 percent compared to before the pandemic. 35 percent, meanwhile, reported they were “extremely satisfied” using bud to boost sex with someone else, a rise from 33.2 percent.

In terms of how respondents ingest green prior to getting it on, the survey reports COVID-era surges in the use of edibles (up 13.8 percent), vaping (up 4.3 percent), joints and pre-rolls (up three percent), and topical use (up a whopping 100 percent!). Flowe-use reportedly dipped 10 percent, while the figures for tinctures, capsules, and concentrates held steady.

The survey, formally titled “Cannabis and Sexual Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Pandemic,” compiled information from 827 self-identified U.S. weed consumers. Participants were asked to compare their cannabis use and sexual behavior prior to the coronavirus versus how they intermingle getting lit and getting lucky now.

The poll is also part of a recently announced joint endeavor between Playboy and cannabis advocacy organizations and weed-related businesses.

In a statement regarding the new undertaking, Playboy Chief Marketing Officer Rachel Webber said, “Since its inception, Playboy has fought for cultural progress rooted in the core values of equality, freedom of expression, and the idea that pleasure is a fundamental human right. For far too long, our nation’s policy toward cannabis has been backward and punitive, leading to decades of injustice in our legal system and to social stigma and shame.”

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